Well here it is....

December 1st 2011. The first Christmas for Mia Bella Casa in Ferring, West Sussex. Had a good November and now hoping for a better December. Orders have been coming in and I love the feeling when I get the notification and get packing and shipping the stock. I started my career at The Body Shop, Littlehampton packing orders so hopefully that experience is paying off now.

Just preparing for our festive soiree tomorrow night. We are serving mulled wine, mince pies and Christmas cup cakes while members of the Salvation Army lead the carols. We then have the Coastal Harmony Chorus who will take over when The Salvation Army have to go to their next venue. Mrs Badger from Badgers Cottage Corner has been baking today. See her web details on our Links page.

Next week it is the Chichester Winter Market - I have been told that it is very cold but great fun.

To think that this time last year I was 9 days away from finishing at The Body Shop and taking a new direction in life - how things change.

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Created on: 6/1/2014 7:13 AM
Most graveyards have pubhsiled rules on a headstone's design, material and dimensions. If this church had these rules available then there are three possibilities:1. The family did not read them.2. The family did read them and chose to ignore them.3. The headstone did meet the pubhsiled rules and the Diocese are inventing new rules.Of course if no rules were pubhsiled then the Diocese can't really enfore them can they?