July Edition of etc. magazine available

Come in to Mia Bella Casa, Rustington, West Sussex and pick up your copy of the etc. magazine. Lots of great articles including Shoreham Airshow, Cowdray Polo, Fontwell Showcases and an interview with Hugh Jackman.

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Created on: 6/1/2014 11:29 AM
It is so refreshing to read an hosent account of the dilemma of so many people with learning disabilities and their family carers trying to get top class lifelong lilving.My daughter Isabel, 23, with Downs, was delighted to read your piece in Society Guardian this Wednesday, because she had been very worried that her best friend Harriet Kissock-Jones, her college mate from the Mount Camphill in E Sussex, was not going to be able to join her community and thus continue their friendship.Isabel wants me to take her dictated message to you and Guardian readers: Harriet is very happy in the Grange, she is more settled.  She fought very hard in the  beginning to hide her sadness about missing the Mount.  But now she is more happy in the Grange Community and she feels more welcome in the Grange Village.  She has a boyfriend named Ashley, who works with me in the gardens in the afternoons, and he helped her to settle in and make her happy.  I helped her to settle in and have been calling her on the phone all summer to get her to come.  If Harriet is feeling sad she will always come to me and I welcomed her to the Grange.   When I first came in August I was quite nervous.  Marina Pearson helped me quite a lot, along with Judy and Ian Bailey.Community is a very good place to live, because you are supported by other people and never feel lonely.All the community members are very special.  Camphill is very special.  It is really good for Downs Syndrome,this adult community in the Grange, because you have to work and there is more socialising with other residents.  Harriet was really welcomed to our community.  There are really special moments for her.We go to the pub together sometimes with other friends in Littledean .Sincerely,Isabel Bennett-Henman