Candles, Melts, Diffusers & Room Sprays

We have just taken delivery of a new range at Mia Bella Casa. We have a beautiful range of hand poured candles made from soy wax. Produced in the pretty village of Slindon, West Sussex they are made drawing knowledge from the village wise woman. Natural herbs and essential oils are combined to produce some amazing natural aromas.

We also have melts, diffusers and room sprays to compliment the range all made lovingly by hand. Every time I walk into the shop I am greeted by this amazing aroma of herbs and oils, beautiful and very calming. 

At the moment these are only in store but we are planning to have them on the website in the next few months.



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Created on: 6/1/2014 12:21 PM
What a stunning photo!Scents can be rilaxeng or invigorating in your personal workspace.  I would caution their use in shared work spaces as more and more people are becoming sensitive to the irritating effects of fragrance.  Very few essential oils are natural (it would cost too much). Most are comprised of synthetic compounds that can have a wide range of adverse effects.  I used to sneeze every time I used a toothpaste with a particular essential oil so I took the time to find out why!