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Spring may be taking an eternity to visit but that hasn't stopped new Spring Stock from arriving.

We have some lovely new lines that arrived this week including some more of the Hand Painted Easter Chicks that have proved so popular.

Come by and say Hi and look at the new stock available.



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Created on: 6/1/2014 5:00 PM
Through this are we, the voluntary secotr, in danger of just doing the work for the local authority instead of following young people’s dreams, visions and hopes for the future.If we take the government's money we have to hit their targets, achieve aims and objectives that may not be in line with our own organisation.Surely if as you are saying, the voluntary secotr is becoming stronger we should be in a position to play hard ball and get the money to do the work that we know needs doing, not  because we are sat in offices deciding what young people need based up on what we have read in this week’s Daily Mail but because we are working with young people on a daily basis. I absolutely believe and agree with the Tony Jeff’s article and Jon’s subsequent piece, I just think that we need to be careful to look at the bigger picture, and wonder that if we have a change a of government  we may have a change of policy and then we, the voluntary secotr, have to carry the can for the failure of the youth service.I think that by giving the funding/contracts out to the voluntary secotr means that all the risk is taken away from the local authority, if it works they can stand by and say ‘ look how we empowered our local VCS’ and if it doesn’t work out the opposite will happen. ‘Well  we tried to support our local VCS, but it didn’t work, so that piece of work needs to come back in house’Now don’t get me wrong I have taken money from local authorities and central government agencies and I have, I think stayed true to the aims of my organisation.Actually that’s a lie, at times I have taken money to pay salaries and rent etc. when I didn’t even agree with the funding stream. And would I again? Honestly, probably.That’s why I think I am over cautious now. I do think the VCS can do these jobs better than the statutory organisation, because on the whole VCS workers seem to be better, care more and want to go the extra mile. I realise that this is a massive generalisation but based on my experience of local authority youth workers up here in Wakefield, where there have been a number of excellent  individual youth workers surrounded by people counters and administrators saying things like ‘you need another three young people a week to make that session value for money’.By all means do what you need to do to serve young people and the communities, but let’s be honest if the local authority or the government could do it as well as or cheaper,  then they would.Let’s not be victims of tokenism, take the funding/contracts if you can genuinely deliver authentic quality work, if not give it back to the local authority. Let them manage on tight budgets.