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Fair Trade Fortnight - Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well yesterday saw the start of Fairtrade Fortnight. I have been a supporter of Fairtrade for years and still can't believe that it is not just a standard way of doing business. How great would it be if we all were paid fairly for the work, services and products that we make and deliver? Buying Fairtrade really has an impact on improving people's lives through their work and in turn giving them the opportunity to maintain a decent and dignified livelihood whilst developing their full potential.

Mia Bella Casa has just taken a delivery of some wonderful Fairtrade Bags today. All the materials used are eco-friendly and sustainable. The palm raffia is hand processed and dyed before being sun dried and hand woven into mats ready to produce the bags. The bags are made by craftsmen in Madagascar and are very stylish - great for the summer. Look out for them to appear on the website soon.

For more information on Fairtrade Fortnight take a look at


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Spring Fair, NEC Birmingham - Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gosh we are tired today. Yesterday we got up at 4.30am, have not done that for a long time and it reminded me of the early mornings I used to have to do when I worked for The Body Shop and had to catch a flight at some unearthly time in the morning.

But with great excitement we set off to the Spring Fair at the NEC, Birmingham. Traffic was ok even the M25 was moving, the snow was all around but the roads pretty clear. Had a great day meeting my contacts from existing suppliers and finding some great new ones. There is so much choice but with the ethical criteria we do have a limited amount of suppliers to choose from which I think is probably a nice position to be in when you are faced with 300,000 new product launches at the show.

When we left about 5pm I was happy in the knowledge that we were going to have some very exciting new products coming for Spring Summer so keep an eye on the website or sign up to the newsletter and we will let you know when new stock is in. 

Had a good trip back but no rest for me it was straight on to rehearsals for a show I am doing in May with Littlehampton Musical Comedy Society.

Thank you to my very good friend Andy and his wife Ali for giving me a lift to Birmingham and back.

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